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Welcome to our Activity of Daily Living program at Nupal CDC. Our program focuses on enhancing independence and functional skills for individuals with special needs in their daily life activities. We understand the importance of developing self-care, mobility, and communication skills to promote a sense of autonomy and confidence.

At Nupal CDC, our experienced therapists provide personalized support and guidance to individuals of all ages. Through a combination of therapeutic interventions, adaptive strategies, and skill-building exercises, we help individuals improve their ability to perform essential daily tasks.

Our program covers a wide range of activities, including personal hygiene, dressing, feeding, mobility, and communication. We assess each individual’s specific needs and design a tailored intervention plan to target their unique challenges and goals.

Our dedicated team of professionals works closely with individuals and their families to provide training, guidance, and ongoing support. We aim to empower individuals to become more independent and confident in their daily routines.

By participating in our Activity of Daily Living program, individuals can develop essential life skills, improve their overall quality of life, and increase their participation in everyday activities. Our program promotes a holistic approach to enhance functional abilities and optimize independence.

If you are looking for personalized support and guidance to improve daily living skills for yourself or a loved one, contact us today. Our expert therapists are committed to helping individuals with special needs achieve greater independence and lead fulfilling lives. Take the first step towards enhancing daily life activities and promoting independence by joining our Activity of Daily Living program at Nupal CDC.

Project Name
Activity of Daily Living
Children Who are Facing Difficulties in Daily Living Activities.
Nupal CDC, Delhi
early intervention clinic nupal cdc
child development

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ABA Therapy

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Physical Consulting

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Preschool Based Programs

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